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We’ve written a series of faqs / articles (see below) that we hope will help answer questions and give you extra details about us and our products. For more information on any of our faqs listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone (01777 869044) or by email info@spaces4kids.co.uk if you need any more information. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR SUPPLY IS BASED ON “A MAKE TO ORDER” SYSTEM, this means that there is a delivery lead time while we make your goods of (approximately) 2-4 weeks depending on the product. If you need an order for a particular date please contact us PRIOR to placing your order.

How to purchase educational soft play sensory mirrors and classroom dividers
1. On Account customers with official purchase order numbers
or (any customer) to request a pro-forma invoice
2. BACS, Telephone and cheque payments
3. How to Use the Special Instructions Box at the checkout

1. On Account customers with official purchase order numbers (inc. payments via finance depts.), or any customer wanting a pro-forma invoice:

  • Payment on account requires you to use an official order number:
  • Automatic accounts are activated on this website for:
  • All National Organisations, Statutory Authorities, National Charities, Children’s Centres, Sure Starts, Academies, Local Authority Schools, All NHS purchasing departments, Councils & Local Government customers:
  • You can email your order to info@spaces4kids.co.uk or enter your order straight into this website (use the option to checkout without making payment) and include your official order number in the “special instructions” box. For all orders we receive with an official order number we’ll make and ship the goods and then send an invoice to your central finance department for settlement 30 days following delivery of your order.
  • IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PRO-FORMA INVOICE: enter your order straight into this website (use the option to checkout without making payment) we’ll then email you a pro-forma/VAT invoice. Payment can then be made over the ‘phone (debit or credit card, by cheque. PayPal or by BACS. )

2. BACS, Telephone and cheque payments

  • Anyone can opt to pay by BACS, or over the telephone, or by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Lifetime Education.
  • Please complete all the delivery details instructions at the check out including any special delivery instructions. We will then send you an *invoice by email (or post) so that you can pay by BACS or make payment over the telephone (01777 869044). Secure telephone payments are processed by Sagepay/Worldpay no computer data with your information on is retained by ourselves.

Once we have received cleared payment we will process your order.
* Invoices and bank account are in the name of Lifetime Education Ltd of which Lifetime Education is a trading name. For further details please refer to our terms and conditions section.

3. The Special Instructions Box:

a) If you have an official order number enter it in this box.
b) Product Personalisation:

  • Your name/school’s name/event: If you have selected to personalised a product: type your desired wording in the special instructions box. We will email you a proof to ensure we have correctly interpreted your instructions. The type face used on all orders will be our ‘spaces4kids’ typeface and the colour of the type the best single colour for the image unless otherwise stated. All type will be in one colour only.
  • Logos: If you have selected to include a logo or an option that requires you to send us artwork, please note that you will need send us the data in an EPS file format (Please refer to your graphic design service provider if you are unsure)

c) Special delivery information: Please include:

  • any special instructions about delivery deadlines. Please note that your goods will be made to order and because of that we need a manufacturing lead time. Please contact us BEFORE placing your order if you absolutely have to have it for a specific date. We will confirm if we are able to fulfill the work in time. Please note that we cannot accept liablity for missed delivery dates.
  • any special instructions regarding opening hours and on site contacts. Please note that unless told otherwise we will attempt to deliver in the school holidays.
  • NHS HOSPITALS: all orders must have an official order number and a contact name and telephone number at the delivery address.

Recommendations – Soft play is ideal for indoor winter parties and church hall “do’s” or events that suddenly have to be held inside due to bad weather, but you can also use soft play outdoors on the grass in the summer. Not all soft play is suitable for hire, you will need robust products that can be easily stored, moved and maintained. Here are a few tips on how to get the best from our particular range.


A) Our products are suitable for children up to the age of 5… essentially pre-schoolers. We have two size modules, a 400mm module for babies and children up to 2 years old and a 600mm module for children up to 5 years. The age appropriateness of soft play is not an exact science… sometimes it is “stage” not “age”! The truth is that soft play is soft and can give confidence to nervous children… others can be over confident… parental or qualified supervision and a set of rules will always be needed.

B) Children love soft play, children with special needs love soft play. Soft Play can be incorporated into play for all children including those that need a bit of help, e.g. encouraged to exercise to improve muscle tone (e.g. Downs), it can be equally suitable for less mobile children, children with dyspraxia and children on the autistic spectrum that maybe more likely to hurt themselves on “hard” play equipment…. ballpools come into their own here.

C) Our products are modular and many link securely one to another by hook and loop fastener which is sewn onto the base of the pieces. This means that you can set up tracks and trails and incorporate your other play equipment such as balls, hoops etc.

D) Maintenance and replacements. The modular nature of our soft play ranges means that you can replace just the parts that are worn out. No soft play is suitable for use on abrasive surfaces… grass outside is OK but concrete etc will ruin soft play, as will scratching it on brick walls. Soft play with mirrors may not stand the rigours of unsupervised play… please get the advice you need before purchasing – refunds may not be possible. Soft play should not be left out or stored in the rain, the seams are not full water resistant. Soft play will become very slippery and unsuitable for use in wet/damp conditions.

E) Ballpools… are great fun and a must for all hirers. Large enough for fun, but compact enough to use in a domestic house and carried in an average hatchback car, our ballpools are truly portable. Made from quality vinyls, the liners double up as ball storage bags to enable easy transportation. You might like to consider buying a spare liner so that you have one in use and one in “cleaning”. Our fabrics are anti-bacterial but you will need to wipe clean your soft play with appropriate non-abrasive anti-bacterial cleaners.

Here’s a list of some suggested items: please print this list and use the search facility (“enter keywords” – top of screen) to look at the items.

1) General items all ages:

Z4208/HDLG Role Play Screens, lightweight plastic screens will help give a focus to your play area either as square dens or to divide a large hall into a more compact area. They can also be used to surround a ballpool to prevent the balls from escaping everywhere. Higher screens that enable “see thru” supervision are the best ones to use with toddlers. Indoor only – not supplied with tethers to prevent tipping in thhe wind. Feet not suitable outdoors. Our Z4211/HDLG Sensory Hut will be of interest to groups who want a focus on sensory materials.

H5034 Extendable Mat: A 40mm thick mat will add safety to most settings. This mat is extendable (hook and loop fastener on base) so that you can make a larger area. The 1200mm size fits with both our 400mm module and our 600mm module soft play.

T1400 DuB-Lup Portable Ballpool and T1404 Extra Ballpool liner: This really is an easily portable ballpool, the liner doubles up as a ball storage bag, the sides can be used independently as soft play. T1404 spare liner to have one “ready to go” and one “in cleaning”.

2) For the under 2’s and babies:

F1001, F1100, F1300 Soft Sided Dens in different sizes

T1490 Toddler Ballpool/Soft Sided Den:

T1209 Wipe clean Toddler cubes:

N1300 Caterpillar Bumps: ( the mirrors remove so that you can replace them if they become damaged or remove them for more “robust” play.) Note items with mirrors are best suited for less robust play with the very youngest.

T1457 Castle Den: a great soft den for babies to explore, it is not designed as a play pen as the sides are low enough for crawlers to enter and exit…

P1030 Mirror Trail: 400mm module soft play in different height blocks that can be made into a trail. Fit to our Z5034 Mat. Note items with mirrors are best suited for less robust play with the very youngest.

P1034 Pocket Trail: same size module as above… will connect to the Mirror Trail and the Z5034 Mat.

N1041 Mirror Pod: 400mm soft play module shapes with 40mm thick 400mm square pads, to make squares and explorer trails for babies and crawlers.

P1007 Playring MK2 and P1003 Playring Extensions: For the very youngest. Also made in our 400mm module these can be expanded with the Pods and Trails above.

T3001 Sit Ons. Huggble, non rocking, play shapes with bright colours sized for toddlers.

P2002 Giant Playring Oval: this is the bridge between our 400mm module and our 600mm module. The Giant Playring might be the one to go for if you offer a service to include children with special needs… our 600mm Tunnels (below) and other 600mm module items below can be incorporated into the Giant Playring wich is made in quarter sections so that it can be expanded on all sides.

3) For all ages up to approx 5 yrs

P1213: 12 Piece Block Set. Supplied with a storage bag, our set of soft shapes includes some with graphics on to encourage construction and role play.

H5034 Extendable Mat: A 40mm thick mat will add safety to most settings. This mat is extendable (hook and loop fastener on base) so that you can make a larger area. The 1200mm size fits with our 600mm module soft play sets below.

T5020 + T5021 Roo’s Roundabout & Toby’s Tumble Time: Kids like tunnels, balancing and slides. This is a good place to start. All these pieces are on our 600mm module and will connect to all others so that you can put the pieces together in any order you like… and you can join the different sets together!

T5014 Mountain Tunnel Slide: The slide like the tunnel is 600mm high as well as 600mm wide. The slide gives a good sliding action and splits into two pices for easy storage and transportation. Add the T2018 Safety Sides for extra safe play. All foam filled items will help soften bumps and falls.

T5001 Complete Gym Plaza: Ideal for halls. One of each of our soft play sets, can be used in a large circle or in individual pods. Each piece with sewn in “loop” fastener on the base means you can set the pieces out in any combination using the “hook” strips provided. Add extra Z5034 1200mm square mats if necessary.

Remember if you need a package of soft play and storage sacks we will work with you to find a deal that suits your needs. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Stimulating, relaxing, communication friendly? Achieving the right ambience for your setting is important which means finding the right mix of colours for soft play equipment, classroom matting, classroom dividers, soft seating and other preschool equipment you have, is one of the many important considerations that childcare professionals have to take on board… all done with a knowledge of what fits with the needs of developing children.

Colour recognition develops over time, 0 – 3 months a new born baby can primarily see shades of black, grey and white, by 3 months babies can see colour with a preference for bright primary colours. At around 6 – 8 months a baby’s colour vision is well developed and equipment and decor in colour palettes that balance stimulation with relaxation are relevant, additional colours, colour recognition games, numbers and letters become interesting for children from 1 – 2 years and 3 – 4 as their ability to distinguish between colours and their language skills mature. Uniquely, spaces4kids enables you to select soft play equipment, soft sided play pens, soft seating, classroom matting, play mats, sensory mirrors and classroom dividers in colours and styles that best suit your setting and goals, use the “options” button on the product page to make your selection. If you are doing a major refit (£1000.00+) and want to discuss your particular colour requirements in detail please contacts us. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Quality Assurance – You are working with children and we understand that you never compromise on quality, neither do we. You need to know that the products you purchase are up to the job, are value for money and comply with toy safety and other safety standards as well as the EU regulations on phthalates and other chemical contents. We make and design all our own products and all production takes place in our own small factory here in the UK.

For more than 21 years, teachers, therapists and other professionals across the UK and Ireland and Europe have been purchasing Lifetime Education products either direct from ourselves or via the leading UK education equipment wholesalers; our products can be found in many leading insitutions including places like the Great Ormond Street Hosptial. It means that you can have the peace of mind to know that Lifetime Education products are proven in use, that when you purchase one, you know that it is made as it should be and is backed by a first class after sales service, our “Lifetime Education designer and manufacturer’s quality assurance guarantee”.

1. Our classroom divider screens: a 10 year guarantee free replacement on all the replacable plastic parts.

2. All our other production a no quibble 12 months guarantee on parts and labour.

3. Free where possible repairs. If you return one of our products to us, any age, if it can sensibly be repaired, we’ll do it.

4. Free adaptations (as far as possible) to any standard product to make it suitable for the special needs of a particular child.

5. Our products are bulky and made to order- we offer a full refund/remake/repair on our standard items. This means if you are not satisfied or want to change your mind, we’ll refund the cost of the order excluding the transport charges (both ways) which we refer to as our our re-stocking fee (see terms and conditions). Custom built products have a 12 months guarantee but are not returnable.

How to tell an original spaces4kids product from Lifetime Education Ltd? Spaces4Kids is a trading name of Lifetime Education Ltd. the original designers and manufacturer of: Playring, Spaces2Sit, Spaces4Play, Spaces4Kids, Playsofty products. Your product is a genuine Lifetime Education Ltd. original, if it has a “Life-Ed” label. If it does not, it will not be made with “Eco-Play”, our unique, ultra non-toxic, anti-bacterial, phthalate free coated fabrics. We have long been copied but never bettered!

  • The Playring. “What Toy” Gold Award Winner.
  • Dub-Lup Portable Ballpool. What Toy: “Highly Recommended”

EU directive bans certain softeners in plastic PVC products – our waterproof PVC fabrics comply and they’re latex free too – we also use polyester materials which are more environmentally friendly: PVC fabric is widely used in the manufacture of soft play because of its durability and the ease with which it can be wiped clean. An EU directive of January 2007 restricted the use of phthalates, (softeners that are used to make PVC pliable), in childcare products. The EU directive is especially concerned with MOUTHABLE PRODUCTS AND REST MATS. Some soft play producers judge their products not “mouthable” because they are of a large size and children use them for short periods in energetic play. We make activity centres in which young children and babies may spend some time, we realise that developing babies and toddlers ‘mouth’ everything as they learn about the world around them, and will chew/or ‘mouth’ the edges of our soft play products, rest mats and activity centres, so we use the best, phthalate free, non toxic fabrics, and even include them in our larger soft play items. (For more information on the EU directive please contact us.)

Hygiene and safety: Spaces4kids Eco-Play coated PVC fabrics are waterproof, wipe clean and anti-bacterial, and are only available from spaces4kids – no other manufacturer can use them. Anti-bacterial means it actually resists bacterial and fungal growth for life… a special sanitising treatment is added during production and all the extra in the fabric is not at the expense of durability.

Foam and fillings: The fillings for our play equipment are finest quality CFC free, fire retardant (to crib 5) polyurethane foams. FR beans and FR fibres are used in some products.

If you have any further questions about our product range we’re happy to answer your questions. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Health & Safety and EYFS Goals – Designer and manufacturer of soft play equipment, classroom mats, activity play mats, rest mats, classroom dividers, sensory mirrors and soft seating for pre schools, Spaces4Kids is Lifetime Education Ltd’s online direct to end user shop. The product designs you see on this website are all our own originals and all are inspired by the national curriculum goals.

  • A small family business we have been in business for more than 20 years and all manufacture takes place in our workshops here in the UK.
  • For foundation class and nursery teachers and managers, children’s workers, childminders, after school clubs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hospital play therapists, paediatric nurses, GP surgeries, leisure centres, creches, hotels playgroups, nurseries and schools, the focus of our work is early years education and therapy in supervised formal settings so our products are aimed to meet the needs of the professional rather than high street retail.
  • We believe strongly in inclusive education and endeavour to design our equipment to reflect the differing needs of children of all abilities.
  • We try to ensure that our designs incorporate the values and goals of working teachers, therapists and that all we do is informed by what goes on day to day in the real world of care for children.
  • We take pride in our work, selecting only the best, safest, most practical and hygienic materials available, including our own brand “Eco-play” anti-bacterial fabrics and are pleased to have many satisfied customers.

We welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Lifetime Education Sensory Mirrors; safety first! Plastic mirrors are for children’s settings where heavy glass mirrors are completely unsuitable. Our mirrors are cut/moulded from tough plastics specially selected for all round performance including: optical quality, hammer tough non-shatter resistance to impact, absence of sharp edges and ease of cleaning. Their slim profile (approx 1.5-2mm) means lightness so they won’t injure if they are dropped or fall. Our soft foam filled frames add to safety. They are made using our own high quality, UK made “eco-Play” coated fabrics which are not only non toxic to EN71 but also phthalate, formamide and formaldehyde free, anti-bacterial, waterproof, and fire retardant. The carefully positioned seams, sewn with a strong nylon thread, are not vulnerable to splits. Products meet: EN71, BS7176 Contract Furniture (Low Hazard) Cigarette & Match. Foam fillings UK made, CFC free, fire retardant to Parts 1 and 2 BS5852 Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) crib 5 .

CARE AND CLEANING: For best cleaning results wipe clean with non-abrasive proprietary household cleaners or dilute bleach solutions, thoroughly dry. Do not use abrasive creams or ammonia based cleaners as these will seriously damage your mirror. SELECTING A LOCATION FOR YOUR MIRROR: PERFORM A RISK ASSESSMENT WITH A SUITABLY QUALIFIED PERSON ALWAYS SUPERVISE PLAY & LOCATE WHERE CHILDREN WILL NOT BE AT RISK FROM TRIP HAZARDS, ROUGH/SHARP OBJECTS OR HAZARDOUS FALLS E.G. DOORS, RADIATORS, CORNERS OF WALLS, WINDOWS, STAIRS/STEPS, PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC, MACHINERY, CLEANING/OFFICE/FIRE EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE. *DAMAGED MIRRORS SHOULD BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY. NOTE THE HAZARDS POSED BY REFLECTED SUNLIGHT: We would remind you that strong light reflected on polished/mirrored surfaces can dazzle and damage eyes, in certain circumstances it can also provide an ignition source, burning skin or combustible materials. For this reason among others we limit our recommendations on the use of mirrors outdoors and do not extend the guarantee to outdoor use.


These mirrors must be mounted on the wall. Mirrors are supplied with protective transit film on the front. Remove to reveal mirror. Completely remove film temporarily before mounting and check mirrored surface is intact, replace temporarily for protection during wall mounting. ADHESIVE PRODUCTS MAY DAMAGE PLASTER OR PAPER WALL COVERINGS ETC. ESPECIALLY ON REMOVAL. SELF ADHESIVE FIXINGS WILL NOT WORK WELL IN DAMP/OUTDOOR CONDITIONS. USE SCREWS OR BRANDED ADHESIVE PRODUCTS LIKE “NO MORE NAILS”. IF NOT WALL MOUNTED, DAMAGE/BREAKS CAUSED BY CONSTANT BENDING OR CRUSHING ARE NOT COVERED BY THE GURANTEE.


ONLY FOR USE INDOORS, NOT FOR OUTDOOR USE. TO FIX:- a) Apply adhesive directly onto the backboard (e.g. No More Nails – not supplied) and mount on a wall. Or b) Use Brass Wall Plates (supplied with small backboard screws) (Wall fixings not supplied.)

2). INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNFRAMED MIRRORS (NO BACKBOARD) INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Indoor Use: mount onto wall with sticky pad fixings (you may need to supplement the supply provided). Alternative methods; i) double sided tape (not supplied); ii) adhesive (e.g. No More Nails – not supplied); iii) wall screws (not supplied – drill mirror and fix with proprietary mirror fixing kits available from DIY outlets.) Decorative stickers where supplied are for indoor use only.

Outdoor use: The adhesive on the decorative stickers is not suitable for outdoor use. Mirrors are reasonably resistant to the weather, longevity is circumstance and location dependent, more sheltered spots are preferable, salt water, strong winds, extremes of temperature will shorten the useful outdoor life, the plastic may warp with hot and cold temperatures. BEWARE! MIRRORS OUTSIDE MAY DAZZLE AND SO CAUSE A HAZARD ALWAYS DO A RISK ASSEMENT FIRST. Either i) Mount mirrors directly onto the wall or waterproof board with adhesive (e.g. No More Nails – not supplied); or ii) with wall screws (not supplied) i.e. drill mirror and fix with proprietary mirror fixing kits available from DIY outlets).

We welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Fighting Childhood Obesity – Specially designed exercise equipment for schools and nurseries that can be used year round to help battle childhood obesity.

Lifetime Education play soft play equipment gives schools and early years providers indoor and outdoor options to fight childhood obesity and promote physical activity in less confident children. Lifetime Education offer purpose built sets with colour options, suitable for children under three years and also for the under sixes; the ranges include products with a “sensory” emphasis.

Equal opportunities are at the heart of soft play, more protective than “hard” wooden or metal play equipment, it can be enjoyed by children with the widest range of abilities, equally. The Lifetime Education soft play range helps build confidence, develop spatial awareness and balance skills, promotes imaginative and co-operative play and addresses curriculum goals of language, self awareness, esteem, fitness, safely. The MODULAR DESIGN means you can add new pieces or replace pieces easily, saving you money and ease of maintenance, the two ranges come in “400mm square modules ” for children up to 2 yrs and “600mm square modules” for up to 6 yrs.

Guided play and activities with Spaces4kidsSoft Play equipment: Soft play is great fun for children to explore on their own, but sometimes you may want to structure more formal activities. The Early Learning Goals set some general objectives which include: being confident to try new activities; maintain attention and concentration; work as part of a group, taking turns and sharing fairly; sustain attentive listening and extend their vocabulary. There are additional objectives that relate to physical development. Move with confidence, imagination and safety; Move with control and co-ordination; Travel around, under, over, and through balancing and climbing equipment; Show awareness of space, of themselves and of others. All of these goals can be developed with a good physical activity program.

Activities with Spaces4kids Softplay Equipment – Here we make a few suggestions of how to start a more formal session with soft play. Start with a “Warm up” – action rhymes e.g. heads, shoulders, knees & toes. (Maintain attention, concentration and work as part of a group) Explain the main activity on the equipment before they start. Set out any “rules” such as try not to bump anyone else, close with a “Cool down” – stretching or choose another action rhyme. Talk about the activities and discuss what the children found easy or difficult.

We highly recommend that all Spaces4kids softplay equipment is used by the children with bare feet. This is much safer than wearing shoes or socks as children naturally grip better with their toes and can feel exactly what they are doing. It will also extend the life of your equipment. WHERE VELCRO JOINING STRIPS ARE PROVIDED TO JOIN ONE PIECE TO ANOTHER THESE MUST ALWAYS BE USED TO ENSURE THE INTEGRITY OF THE SET.

Balancing – Walk upright with arms stretched to the side for balance. Keep a distance from the child in front to show spatial awareness. Start at the corner with the yellow mat and 2 large feet. (Control and co-ordination) For increased difficulty close the eyes.

Head up, arms out, Eyes look ahead, arms out,
Back straight tightrope walking

Jumping – Feet together, arms by sides, bend knees. Push up through feet and straighten legs, bring arms quickly above head and jump.

Feet together Push legs to straight Land with bent Stretch up to finish
Bend knees Arms quickly above head knees.
Arms at side Push up & jump

Rolling – Sideways rolling – stretch arms above heads and keep legs straight and together. Forward roll – crouch with hands placed on the mat close to the feet, tuck the head under and push forwards with the feet so that they land on their shoulders (not head) and their weight will take them completely over. The wedge shape is ideal for this as it helps them to get the forwards movement. (Move with confidence, imagination & safety)

Sliding – Set up the circuit so that the two slopes are at opposite sides and the tunnel has good access at each end with flat mats. Children can slide all the way around the circuit on their fronts, or on their backs. They go through the tunnel and continue the slide down each of the wedges. On their backs they will need to push themselves along with their heels and go head first to make it easier. See how many can do it going feet first. They can pretend to be snakes to add to the fun.

Spatial awareness – ask the children to make themselves as tall as they can while they go round the circuit, then when they reach a specific point designated as a change mat (e.g. a circle mat) they have to become as small as they can. Add in variations e.g. as wide or as narrow as you can, be an animal.. elephant, mouse, rabbit, cat, lion!

Hopping – A difficult skill for under 5s to learn. Here are activities that can assist the co-ordination necessary to develop them. Stride around the circuit. Jump after each stride. Stand on one leg and jump using bent knee action. Bunny hoops are also a good skill for the smaller children to learn. To teach a bunny hop get the children to stretch their hands further along the mat in front of them and then jump their feet in close to their hands. This is a great way to get around the circuit as well

Additional Ideas – Put all the ideas together for moving around the circuit. Introduce new ideas gradually. Change the layout of the circuit. Break the circuit up into four or five different areas with one activity for each area. Introduce appropriate language, talk about colours and shapes etc. Talk about which activities are easy and which are difficult. Introduce other equipment to add to the fun. Place hoops on the outside of the circuit and beanbags on the higher blocks. Aim to get the bean bags into the hoops. (Control & Co-ordination) Count the beanbags that land in the hoops. Try the sideways rolls and jumping holding an adults hands.


Mainly for indoor use, our mats are also “shower-proof” and easier to carry than rugs or carpets which means they are also ideal for use outside on sunny days, use them on any non-abrasive, safe surface such as grass. They wipe clean after use. Our mats, like our soft play, should be stored inside and not left out in the rain, they should not be immersed in water or used in swimming pools. Spaces4Kids mats are general-purpose activity play mats that offer comfort and protection for floor play and story time activities of young children and babies, for sports or gymnastics or any activities that require crash or landing mats you will need to select mats with specialist foam grades to cope with extra impact.

Guide to mat thicknesses: Suggested thicknesses, (needs will differ from setting to setting and the special needs of particular children or groups, so we advise your own risk assessment): Rest mats: 25mm minimum to 40mm for extra comfort: Baby massage: 25mm: Story-time and floor play: 25mm: With soft play (including slide run offs mats) 40mm: Dens 25mm or 40mm for more comfort. Therapy/SEN rooms 40mm. Wall mats from 40mm – 80mm. Memory foam mats: 75mm gives the maximum effect. Gymnastics: special foam grades and thicknesses are require for maximum impact protection please contact your retailer.


SPLIT RESISTANT DESIGN: EN71 TOY SAFETY: PHTHALATE FREE: FORMAMIDE FREE: FOMALDAHYDE FREE: All coated fabrics comply with EN71 and BS7176 Contract Furniture (Low Hazard) Cigarette and Match. Fillings/foams are UK made, CFC free and are fire retardant to Parts 1 and 2 BS5852 Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) crib 5. Sewn seams are not 100% waterproof but are shower resistant for use temporary use outdoors; carefully positioned with a strong nylon thread they are not vulnerable to splits . Fabrics: own brand, UK made, non toxic waterproof “eco-Play” coated fabrics both PVC and non-PVC grade have life-long “anti-bacterial” protection that fights fungus and bacterial growth.

CARE AND CLEANING: Wipe clean with non-abrasive household polishes or cleaners or dilute bleach solutions. All surfaces must be completely dried before use. Do not use abrasive creams. Creases caused by packaging for transit found in the fabric on delivery should drop out naturally in a short time. Creases in Mats/Pads:- shake the pad so that the foam inside the cover flattens and migrates to the corners, if creases persist (over three weeks) add a weight to flatten them, never apply a heat source such as a hair dryer, iron, or electric fire. Creasing will not normally affect the performance of your product.

* Product adaptations for special needs.
* Soft play and ball pools.
* Space planning, room division and activity areas.
* Soft furniture.
* Mats and rest mats.

We welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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We’re a small UK design and manufacturing firm… what can we do to reduce our impact on the environment? The biggest impact we reckon we can have is by ensuring that we minimise the miles travelled by the various components we buy to put in our products.

  • 100% of the foam we use is CFC free, made in the UK and the majority is made just 40 miles from our base.
  • 100% of the coated fabric we buy (PVC and PU Eco-Play) is coated in the UK no more than 100 miles from our base. The cottons, nylons and polyesters used underneath the coatings are imported by the coating companies and not by us, some are woven in the UK.

Why don’t we use natural uncoated fabrics? We would if we could but fire safety requirements mean that we have to supply fire retardant coverings, for example the room divider screens must meet, (among other standards), BS5867 British Standard Curtain and Drape fire standards. BS7176 Contract Furnishing fire standards and other fire and furnishing standards apply to our other products. The bottom line is that this rules out the use of natural jute or hessian to make our screens, or simple unlined cotton covers for our soft play. We do keep our eyes open for new fabrics, if you want us to use something special please let us know.

The best thing about coated waterproof fabrics is? The best thing about coated waterproof fabrics is that for childcare settings they are more practical, safer, and more hygienic than uncoated fabrics, the greatest benefits being longevity, the fact that they wipe clean and don’t absorb water, a carrier of germs. The longevity of a coated fabric means that we make something that lasts, a good deal for both you and the environment. (We reckon that one of our Playrings used in a “Direct.Gov” TV advert in January 2010 was 7 or more years old… it was still good enough to appear on TV!)

PRINTING INKS AND LACQUERS: The inks we use are of the latest eco-solvent formulations and sourced within the UK. The water based lacquers are not available from UK manufacturers and come via a master distributor who ships in bulk from the USA.

We designed the tube and fittings used in our room divider screens ourselves: which means we are able to ensure the plastics used are all made in the UK and within 60 miles of our base. Unfortunately the mirror plastics are not available from a UK manufacturer so even though we buy them from a supplier less than 20 miles away these are ultimately come from continental europe. The hook and loop fastener and some of the small accessories we use originate from the far east however the most popular accessory, the Playring bell, is still made in the UK in the West Midlands.

Packaging: Our cardboard boxes are made locally to us and recycle. The bubble wrap is by volume the most efficient packaging we can buy and it can be re-used by you. We would prefer it if it was available in a bio-degradable quality. We re-use incoming packaging wherever possible.

Marketing and office waste: for us this boils down to minimising paper waste… we use email whenever we can and do not print a catalogue (we rely solely on the web). We recycle waste paper or card.

Staff: we don’t have a formal policy but it works out that we all live close to where we work and only those of us who really need a car to get us to work, or need one at work, use one… which in % terms means that 50% walk or cycle.

If you think there is a glaring issue we have not addressed and could address, or if there is a fabric or material that you would prefer to see us use please let us know… we will be seriously interested. Just call 01777 869044 or email info@spaces4kids.co.uk

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Lifetime Education soft play and *activity mats (+ rest mats) are all wipe clean and made with waterproof material, they feature non split seams and anti-bacterial, latex free, phthalate free, fire retardant, waterproof covers which have an excellent resistance to urine, this means that they are practical and ideal for children of all ages and can be used outside on safe surfaces on dry days.

Please do not store your Lifetime Education equipment outdoors and please bring it in after play and in the event of a heavy rain fall. Although the coated fabrics used in the manufacture of our soft play and mats is all waterproof, the seams and zips are not fully sealed (this is because they are sewn), which means that if left outside or in a pool of water, they will allow water to pass from the the outside of the product into the foam fillings inside. The water collected on the inside will dry out over time but it may become be a breeding ground for bacteria.

* ( this sets the mats apart from rugs and carpets which cannot so easily be cleaned and kept hygienic.)


Anti Bacterial & Wipe Clean Soft play equipment for indoor and outdoor use is made safer and more practical with phthalate free, latex free, formamide free, formaldehyde free, wipe clean covers.

Designer and manufacturer Lifetime Education also offers its range of soft play equipment, classroom matting and classroom dividers in neutral colours as well as black and white and multi-colours and products are available in distinct sizes to take account of the different developmental needs of teachers working with children at different ages of development from babies and toddlers, right up to children to age 5 years.

Classroom mats, sleep mats, rest mats and play mats in day nurseries and classroom, can they spread illnesses like measles?

Measles is caused by infection with the rubella virus. This virus is contained in the millions of tiny droplets that come out of the nose and mouth when someone with measles coughs or sneezes. You can catch measles by breathing in these droplets or, if the droplets have settled on a surface, by touching the surface and then placing your hands near your nose or mouth. The virus can survive on surfaces for a few hours.
(extract from the NHS website)


The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating on our fabrics used to make our classroom mats, sleep mats, rest mats, play mats and activity mats will not instantly kill the measles virus on contact but it will help generally to minimise the multiplication of “germs” and how long they stay on the surface of soft play, this means it is still important to wipe rest mats, activity mats and all soft play at the start and end of each session with a good quality disinfectant solution.

Stickers and banners for waiting room and classroom wall decorations also suit children’s bedroom.
Classroom Wall Decorations are Easy to use, add themes & colour to classroom walls & doors quickly & professionally.

  • Durable 250-micron vinyl… five times thicker than others materials and made to last.
  • Easy to apply bubble free… a simple smoothing wipe with a soft cloth as you apply your sticker will remove air bubbles caught underneath.
  • Re-positionable… ultra thick vinyl and a re-positionable adhesive means that if you don’t quite get your sticker in the right spot when you first apply it you can try again.

Specification: Peel-able semi-permanent adhesive. Tested non toxic to EN71 and printed with eco-solvent inks. Vinyl fire rated to BS476-Part 7 class 1. Use on painted walls, tiles, glass, wood, plastic etc.: May damage old or poorly maintained surfaces or paper/wallpaper surfaces on removal. Damage to sub-surfaces (wallpapers/paintwork etc.) is not covered by any warranty or guarantee, the fixing of a Décor-Space sticker to any place is done entirely at the risk of the user. If in doubt contact a suitably qualified builder or decorator or interior designer to advise on the suitability of the wall surface for self adhesive products. Small test samples for such purposes are available from us on request (see contact details below). Expected durability 3+ years depending on setting and use. Adhesive will become more permanent over time.

How and where to apply your sticker:

Décor-Space stickers will fix to many surfaces, they stick best to painted plastered walls, flat painted doors, plastics, card, glass and metal. Apply also to (flat) tiled walls.

The self adhesive on the back of your sticker will NOT adhere well to dusty, flaky porous surfaces or to very uneven surfaces. Damp conditions may also cause the adhesive to lift. If you wish to apply Décor-Space stickers to uncoated or untreated surfaces such as plain wood or block work you will need to either mount it on a plastic or painted wood board first, or fix it with additional PERMANENT adhesive suitable for the surface (e.g. Wallpaper adhesive or ‘No More Nails’). When applying Décor-Space stickers to wallpapered walls please note that the underlying paper may damage on the removal of the sticker. Old or poor plasterwork may also damage on removal of your sticker. In most circumstances the addition of tape or glue to the under surface of your sticker will not damage it.

To apply:
It is best if you have a clean soft dry cloth available as during the process you will be wiping across the printed surface of the sticker. Keep jewellery, rings etc. away from the sticker during the process.

1. Check your wall/door and ensure that it is smooth, dust free, dry, and grease free. If in doubt, wipe with a spirit or alcohol.

2. Allow to dry thoroughly before starting to apply your sticker.

3. Hold the sticker up to the desired place (level and height) and mark the position of the top and corners.

4. Peel the first 80mm of backing away at top and place the top of the sticker on your marks and smooth onto the surface with a top to bottom wiping motion with your cloth. Reposition if necessary. IMPORTANT: TRY TO KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE ADHESIVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, THE OILS IN YOUR SKIN CAN AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE ADHESIVE.

5. Once you are happy with the position of your sticker, place one hand (with cloth) on the stuck area, then with the other hand pull away the remaining backing paper in 100mm sections stopping to smooth any air bubbles.

6. Continue until the sticker is fully in place.

7. Retain the removed backing paper. You can re-use this to store your sticker on if you want to remove it. Note that any dust or dirt in the adhesive will reduce the ability of the sticker to fully adhere in a second place so you may have to add tape or extra glue to areas that lift.

CARE AND CLEANING: Wipe clean lightly with damp cloth, air dry. Do not use abrasive creams or ammonia based cleaners.


*Product adaptations for special needs: *Soft play and ball pools: *Space planning, room division and activity areas: *Soft furniture: *Mats and rest mats:

Classroom Mats, sleep mats, rest mats, activity play mats for schools nurseries: Outdoor use:
Your spaces4kids sleep mat, rest mat, activity play mat is shower-proof and can be used but not stored outside on non-abrasive, safe surfaces such as grass. These padded mats offer comfort and protection for play and rest times but they are not “sports” crash mats, which require specialist foam grades to cope with extra impact.

Safe receipt of your new mat: Creases may be found in mats folded for shipping, they should drop out naturally in a short time. On receipt, please shake the mat so that the foam inside the cover flattens and migrates to the corners. If creases persist (over three weeks), add a weight to flatten them. Never apply a heat source such as a hair dryer, iron, or electric fire. Creasing should not form a trip hazard and will not normally affect the performance of your mat.

Cleaning: Although the fabrics we use are anti-bacterial they must we regularly cleaned. All materials are waterproof and can be wiped clean with non-abrasive proprietary household cleaners and dilute bleach solutions. Regular use of concentrated bleach solutions may rot the sewing threads over a longer period of time. All surfaces must be completely dried before use. Do not immerse in water i.e. not suitable for use in swimming pools.

Classroom mat, play mat, rest mat, quality assurance: Our products are latex free and phthalate free. Phthalates are chemicals used in plastics manufacture to make plastics soft and pliable. There have been studies to show that certain types of phthalates may cause cancer. It is a European wide requirement that all childcare products including rest mats should be “phthalate compliant” but many customers prefer their rest mats to be phthalate free which very much narrows the choice of supplier, happily ALL SPACES4KIDS CLASSROOM MATS, REST MATS, SLEEP MATS, ACTIVITY PLAY MATS FOR NURSERIES ARE PHTHALATE FREE and all are made with our own brand, non toxic, waterproof coated “eco-Play” fabrics that comply with both EN71 Toy and BS7176 Furniture safety standards and are fire retardant.

So in summary our classroom mats, sleep mats, rest mats, activity play mats are UK made, filled with CFC free fire retardant foams made to Parts 1 and 2 BS5852 Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) crib 5 standard, have carefully positioned heavy impact non-split sewn (not welded) seams, are urine resistant, waterproof and wipe clean.

A further note on questions of hygiene
“Measles, classroom mats, rest mats, sleep mats and activity play mats for nurseries?”

“Measles is caused by infection with the rubella virus. This virus is contained in the millions of tiny droplets that come out of the nose and mouth when someone with measles coughs or sneezes. You can catch measles by breathing in these droplets or, if the droplets have settled on a surface, by touching the surface and then placing your hands near your nose or mouth. The measles virus can survive on surfaces for a few hours.” (extract from the NHS website). The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating on our fabrics will not instantly kill the measles virus on contact, but it will help generally to minimise the multiplication of “germs” and how long they stay on the surface of soft play. This means it is still important to wipe all soft play at the start and end of each session with a good quality disinfectant solution.


If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, just let us know, where here to help and answer any question/s you may have.